Why Change a Good Thing?

May 12, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Howard and Beth who are celebrating their fifth year together today! Howard reminisced on the air how he met Beth at Mercer Kitchen, going out to a dinner he didn’t even want to go to. Hooked Nosed Mike called in to say that Beth looks better than ever in her new FHM spread. He wondered what the office staff thought of Beth’s spread but Howard said that no one has talked to him about it. He thinks everyone feels weird about it. Gary came in and said he just saw a video clip of Beth’s shoot and she looked super hot! Everyone then started getting on Howard’s case about when he’s going to marry Beth but Howard maintained he’s never going to get married again. He said that he loves his relationship with Beth now so why change it? Robin was insistent though that, not only would Howard get remarried, but that he’ll also have kids with Beth. Howard said no way and told her he secretly got a vasectomy recently (keep reading).