Her Brains, His Looks – a Winning Combination

May 24, 2005

Wendy the Retard called in today to profess her undying love for Howard.

Howard asked her if he was more attractive than either Rupert Murdoch or Brad Pitt and she said absolutely because she thinks Howard is the hottest. Howard said he was happy to hear that and told Wendy he wanted to have phone sex with her.

For some reason Wendy put on a completely different voice while having “phone sex” with Howard, making her voice much higher pitched than usual. She said she would greet Howard at the door wearing a bikini and have delicious desserts waiting for him. Howard asked if she’d drink his protein shake and she said yes and that she also wants to have his baby. Wendy wants to name the baby Howard Stern Jr. and Howard joked that with his looks and her brains the kid would be a real winner. In an apparent effort to entice Howard, Wendy also promised that if they were together they would have sex 30 to 40 times a day. Wendy then started to really get into the phone sex and kept saying how delicious Howard was and how he tasted like cotton candy. Howard asked her what she was wearing but Wendy didn’t respond right way. Robin said she thought Howard stumped her on that one. Howard ended up giving Wendy a $500 because she said she didn’t have any money to buy printer ink.