Tarnished Idol

May 25, 2005

Howard opened the show talking to Gary about last night’s “American Idol” final vote show and the “Contender” finale.

Gary complained about the way they had both “Idol” contestants perform songs nobody had ever heard last night. Howard was more concerned with the fact that both finalists were so weak and that Simon doesn’t seem to be honest with his remarks anymore.

He thought Bo Bice might make an ok wedding singer, but he didn’t have the style or the range to be a star and that the other contestant, Carrie Underwood, wasn’t much better, but would probably make a good country singer. He said it was really sad when you watch this and miss the days of Kelly Clarkson.

Howard recently read about a new ABC reality show in which bands that have fallen out of the limelight will compete against each other. He thinks this will be much more interesting since these people will at least have talent. Howard said that both finalists should go back to what they were doing before they were on “Idol.” Robin said when she sees Bo grab the mic stand, she just wants to grab it away from him which prompted Howard to wonder why no one has ever jumped on the stage during “Idol” given that it’s a live show. He said one of the most interesting things this season has been watching Paula Abdul try to form a sentence and it’s the same sentence every time that trips her up.

Gary said he couldn’t help wondering when Paula had told Bo she would see him in the finals, if she had told him this on the show or in bed! Howard said it seems they have given Paula a pass on sleeping with a contestant. He hasn’t, but the show has. Howard said the show has been a failure this year and they’re back in Reuben Studdardville