Juliette Lewis Lets Howard Tickle Her and Talks Her Massive French Merkin

May 26, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Actress turned musician, Juliette Lewis, came on the show today to promote her new CD “Juliette Lews and the Licks – You’re speaking my language”. Howard heard that she was giving up acting for music but Lewis said that wasn’t really the case, she’s just concentrating on music more now. Juliette said she heard all the song clips Howard had mixed her retarded screams from the “Other Sister” into and said she really liked the Led Zeppelin mix. Howard thought Juliette looked really good and admitted he was attracted to her. He said she’s been naked in a few movies and Richard “Creepy” Christy came in to say she was once in a French movie in which she sports a giant bush. Juliette said that it wasn’t her bush and she was wearing something called a “Merkin”, which is fancy name for a pubic wig. She said she wanted to wear one because she didn’t want to bare her real privates to the world during a swimming scene and it helped to cover them. Richard said whatever she had down there was huge and practically crept up to her belly button. Howard got a picture of it off of Mr. Skin.com and agreed that it was huge.

Brad Pitt’s Other Ex

Howard told Juliette Lewis that he’s always figured that she’s a very sexual girl and wild in the sack. Juliette said she’d take that as a compliment. She wouldn’t’ say a lot about her sex life though, refusing to say when she lost her virginity and whether or not she has anal sex among other things. She said that she wasn’t going to share those things with a stranger and seemed very unimpressed when Howard informed her he wasn’t a stranger, he’s Howard Stern! Howard asked if it was true that Brad Pitt was the love of her life that she could never forget or get over. Juliette said he wasn’t but he was a very significant part of her life since she dated him for three years starting when she was 16 and Brad was 25. Howard asked why Pitt wasn’t sent to jail for that and Juliette had no idea and never really thought about it. She said she didn’t think it was a big deal but admitted if she had a 16 year old daughter she probably wouldn’t be cool with her dating a 25 year old guy. Juliette said she didn’t lose her virginity to Brad Pitt though, and everyone assumed she lost it earlier to someone else although she wouldn’t say one or the other. Howard asked her if the love making with Pitt was incredible or just ordinary and Juliette said she didn’t know. Howard informed her that when Pitt made love to Angelina Jolie she screamed so loud people called the cops.

Tickle Time

Juliette actually agreed to let Howard tickle her, though she was unwilling to get in the official Tickhle Chair. Howard went behind her on the couch and started to tickle her but she didn’t really laugh and said that Howard didn’t do that great of a job. Howard said she was so skinny and toned it was hard to find a good spot to tickle her. While he was tickling her she turned around and started to tickle him. Howard laughed and said it wasn’t fair! He thanked her for being a good sport about the tickling and started to wrap up the interview when a listener called in and said he thought Juliette’s voice was so hot he was pleasuring himself to it. The caller asked her to keep talking and said he was touching himself as she talked into the commercial break.