Artie Chokes

May 26, 2005

Howard opened this morning talking to Robin about Chris Rock and Juliette Lewis, who would both be on the show today.

However, Artie would not be. Howard said he called in sick again and immediately played the dramatic voicemail Artie left Gary this morning. You may recall, Artie left a similar message back in January and Howard and the crew have been having fun with it ever since. In his message this morning, Artie said he had been throwing up and something else (which was bleeped) all night, then apologized for saying something that had to be bleeped. He also said he would be going to the doctor. Howard thought it was funny that Artie, of all people, needed to see a doctor to find out why his stomach was bothering him. For good measure Howard played Artie’s previous voicemail in which he coughs through the whole message. Then he played a modified version of it with some muffled porn choking sounds added around the coughs, which was really funny. Howard also played a crank call the guys had made with Artie’s original sick voicemail several months ago. In the call, they used Artie’s message to call in sick to some random place of business, (obviously, the guy on the other end had no idea who Artie was). So this morning, they had a new “sick” message from Artie so they called the same guy as before. This was terrific because the guy remembered him and wasn’t happy to hear from him again. He ended the call with a nice F You. Let’s hope Artie feels better tomorrow, or at least leave another good voice mail.