Comedian Chris Rock Visits the Stern Show to Promote a Pair of Films

May 26, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chris Rock paid a visit to the Stern Show to promote both movies he’s premiering in this weekend: “The Longest Yard” and “Madagascar.”

Howard heard there was a rumor that Chris had been approached to take over his show when he leaves for SIRIUS and he wanted to know if it was true. Chris said it wasn’t, but that he does get offers like that all the time. He also said he has no interest in working every day.

Howard knew that was true because Chris’s publicist had tried to get his appearance this morning pushed from 7:30 to 8:30 so Chris could sleep later. Howard said they couldn’t move him, though, because they had Juliette Lewis coming in later.

Howard wanted to know if he had been right that Chris wouldn’t like hosting the Academy Awards. Chris said it went OK, but it was a lot of risk for not much reward. He did say, though, the international recognition he got from it was great and now he feels he can tour the globe. So, overall, it was worth it.

Rock Doubles Down

Howard asked if Chris thought his new film “The Longest Yard” was worth seeing and Chris said, emphatically, yes. Howard asked Chris to make a prediction for the first weekend’s sales and Chris said $50 million. He also told Howard to take his girlfriend and go see this movie because he will love it, even calling it the best movie ever he and Adam Sandler have ever done together.

Chris also has an animated movie coming out called “Madagascar” about a bunch of animals in a zoo. Chris voices a zebra named Marty, a role he said only took him 15 days to do, although he was only paid scale for it. Howard was shocked and demanded to know who his agent was. Chris said the real money to be made on animated films is on the sequels.

Gary Dell’Abate thought “Madagascar” would be huge based on everything he’s heard about it. Howard couldn’t understand the need for famous voices for animated films and Gary said it makes it better for the parents. He said he’d much rather take his kids to see a movie like “Madagascar” knowing Rock is in it than to one with unknown voices. Howard just wanted to know why nobody wanted to use his voice for any movies.

Where’s Dave?

Howard wanted to know what Chris knew of Dave Chappelle’s situation. Chris thought it was funny that Howard just assumed he knew every black comedian, although he does know Dave pretty well. He said he hasn’t heard from Chappelle since the stories about him taking some time off in South Africa first emerged. Chris said he and Dave talked a few months ago about going on tour together and he seemed OK then.

Howard offered his opinion that Dave simply wasn’t prepared for the success of the “Chappelle Show” and needed some time to chill out. Howard also wanted to know what Chris thought of his alma mater, “Saturday Night Live” but all Chris would say was that he hasn’t watched it in a few years and therefor couldn’t comment on how good or bad it was.

The King of Bling

Chris still lives in a nice big house in New Jersey where he has a great view of Manhattan. Howard wanted to know all about the help he and his wife had working for them and Chris said they just had one Trinidadian woman who lived with them and helped take care of their young kids, (and no, she does not wear a uniform). King of all Blacks called to say he knows Chris’s house and said it was huge. Then King started talking about his new Infiniti QX56 SUV with the lemon leather interior, the 22 inch rims, and the Kohler and Moen faucets in his house – all the things that make him the king. The frequent caller also explained it helps to live in a white neighborhood and that he calls the cops anytime he sees any black guys walking around where he lives. Robin wanted to know if that included him and his friends. King laughed and said he makes his friends park in his driveway and use the back door to avoid those problems.