Post Problems Spread

June 2, 2005

Howard opened this morning pointing out that, as he was afraid would happen, the inaccuracies of yesterday’s NY Post story about him had snowballed across the country. For those who missed it, yesterday the NY Post ran a Page Six story alleging that Howard had gotten a FHM writer fired for things he had said about him and Beth on some cable TV show. Howard was pretty angry yesterday because the story was completely false, to the point that, at the end of the article, the Post even quoted FHM as saying the writer’s firing had nothing to do with Howard or Beth, (despite the fact that the headline and the bulk of the story said Howard had gotten the guy fired). As Howard pointed out, he couldn’t care less about what the guy said or how FHM ran its business and he has a hard enough time firing people who work directly for him so he couldn’t imagine getting a guy fired who worked for someone else. This morning Howard read an article from a California paper and played a Chicago TV news report, all echoing the Page Six story and adding their own embellishments like exclusive sources, (that couldn’t exist). Meanwhile, today’s NY Post was running an article about how terrible it was that Lindsay Lohan’s car was rammed by an over-zealous paparazzi. Howard thought this was very ironic since the Post buys photos from the same kind of guys all the time. The Post is the same paper that once reported (in Page Six) that, after his divorce, Howard had bought a car for a stripper from Scores — despite the fact there wasn’t a single shred of evidence to support it, (i.e. a bill of sale, a car or even the name of the stripper who received the gift). Howard asked his listeners to spread the word that this firing story was false to all their friends and acquaintances. He also issued an open “invitation” to Richard Johnson, the Post’s Page Six editor, to come on the air to discuss the story — although he didn’t think he’d ever hear from anyone.