TV Time

June 3, 2005

Howard started off today’s show talking about NBC’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” which he watched yesterday. In this show old, washed-up musical acts come out and sing one of their old hits and then cover a current song. Artie laughed and said he can’t believe Howard is watching yet another crappy show. Howard said the show was the best train wreck ever.

Gary said his favorite part was just seeing what everyone looked like. Every single act got older, fatter and balder. The guys pointed out that the singer Tiffany looks like she is either pregnant or has gotten really fat because she had huge stomach rolls last night. Howard said she also has huge breast implants which he said she probably got to make herself look thinner. Meanwhile Howard said he was surprised to see that both the NY Daily News and the NY Post panned the movie, “Cinderella Man”, which Howard and Robin both loved. Howard said that bummed him out but then he heard that USA Today and Rolling Stone gave it great reviews, so who knows? Paul Giamatti is in the movie and was calling into the show later today. Howard said he read a really nice thing Paul said about him in the paper, about how Paul owes his whole career to Howard, but Howard said he couldn’t? tell if Paul was being sarcastic or not. He promised to get to the bottom of it when Paul calls in.