Ron Doesn’t Do Tea

June 7, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a funny phone call that took place the other day between super-producer, Will Murray and porn superstar, Ron Jeremy. Howard read some of Ron’s credits, like orally pleasuring himself on film and having sex with an 87 year-old-woman.

Ron had been slated to compete in Stump The Perv against Richard Christy and was calling to firm up the details. Will explained to Ron that, in order to make the bit interesting, there needs to be stakes. If he wins, there is a $5000 prize, but if he loses, there needs to be some kind of penalty. The penalty he had in mind was having Sal “tea-bag” Ron. Believe it or not, Ron did not know what that meant and Will had to explain that it involved Sal’s testicles resting on Ron’s face.

Ron did not like that and said no way. He wouldn’t be humiliated that way. Richard was very disappointed that his hero, Ron Jeremy, was backing out. He said he hoped they could find something that Ron could live with that would bring him back.