Howard Has Some Phone Troubles

Howard experiences some phone troubles

June 9, 2005

Howard was having major cell phone trouble this morning. He complained that he couldn’t check his voice mail and his phone was telling him he was in a “roaming” area for some reason. Howard said he didn’t know if it was a problem with his phone or his service and the worst part was that his executive assistant, Laura, was on vacation so he couldn’t ask her to take care of this. Howard said that it’s weird because Laura keeps tabs on everything in his life and as a result he doesn’t even know what his address or phone numbers are.

Howard said he doesn’t know what the alarm code for his house is! Robin said that Howard has so many people doing so many things for him and that’s what happens. Howard agreed and said he wants to start taking a more hands-on approach to these things in his life. He also wants to work something out with Laura so that when she’s out there is someone else to call for all his information. A caller suggested that Howard reset his phone and see if that works and it did. Howard thanked the guy for that. Robin wanted to know how Howard got into his house if he didn’t know the alarm code. Howard said that Beth Ostrosky knows it and he’s usually going over there with her anyway. Robin asked what would happen if she fainted for some reason when they got to the front door? Howard said he’d be in a lot of trouble then.