Random Acts

June 10, 2005

– Joey Boots ran into Russell Crowe at a Tribeca restaurant. He said Russell’s cell phone kept ringing and his ringtone was the “Rocky” theme. Joey asked Crowe a few times if he’d ever do Howard’s show but Crowe just laughed him off.

– A caller wanted to know how long Howard thought he should date his girlfriend before he has to move in with her. They’ve been dating a year and a half. Howard asked if the guy wanted to move in and he said he didn’t care either way. So Howard suggested the guy put it off as long as he can until it becomes uncomfortable. That way, when it’s really important for the girl for this to happen, he’ll look like the hero. Robin said that was the worst advice ever.

– A caller heard Angie Everhart back track on her statement that Howard was the best lover she ever had and instead said he was the best boyfriend she’s ever had.

Howard said that’s because she’s engaged and her fiance’s probably already disgusted at the fact that he’s following Howard, let alone knowing that Howard was better than him.