But the Movie Was Great

June 14, 2005

Despite the overcrowding, Howard said “Batman Begins” was great. Robin said it was the best Batman ever.

Howard thought Katie Holmes would have been better if she had had a bigger role in the movie. Howard thought there were a few tiny things that could have been better, but nothing that kept the movie from being great in his eyes; and this from a comic book superhero perfectionist. One caller wanted to know if Howard liked the new Batman or Michael Keaton better — Howard thought the new guy was better. Howard mentioned that the next Joker will be played by Crispin Glover, (“Charlie’s Angel’s” and “Willard”).

This didn’t really seem to excite Robin. Howard thought that Gary Oldman was great as Commissioner Gordon and Robin thought Michael Cane was great as Alfred. Howard thought Liam Neeson was very good as Batman’s mentor/teacher, but thought it was a little bit similar to the role he played in “Star Wars: Episode I”. Howard said the only casting criticism he had was that, despite the fact the guy who played the Scarecrow did a great job, he thought he would have done a better job. Howard went to break playing some Foo Fighters, who were coming on later, while telling Robin he thinks “Batman Begins” will be a box office hit this weekend.