He’s (Re)Making His List

June 14, 2005

Howard opened the show this morning pointing out that Artie was there for the second day in a row and wanted to know if he had been to his therapist yesterday. Artie said he did, but the visit forced him to miss the big screening of “Batman Begins” that everyone else went yesterday.

Howard said the movie was great and Robin readily agreed. Howard said the only problem was that the screening room was packed. He said he got there late and there were no good seats left — although he did notice that Sal and Ralph had choice seats. Fortunately for Howard, Mark Grande of The Howard Stern Production Company was nice enough to move for him so Howard could sit on the aisle. Howard noticed that Fred wasn’t there and Benjy said he missed it too. Fred said he had a personal training session scheduled at the gym, which he didn’t want to miss. Howard questioned Fred on this a little because he believes most married guys only get in shape because they are trying to look good for someone other than their wives. Although, in Fred’s case, he said there’s just no way. Howard started going through the list of people who get invited to Howard’s movie screenings and said that it was over 100. He said there were people on the list he didn’t even recognize and others who have never invited him to anything, so those choices will be easy. Robin tried to get him to name some names, but Howard didn’t really want to name names at this point.