Back to Never Neverland

June 15, 2005

Howard announced that he was sick of the whole Michael Jackson thing. Robin said he’s now holed up on his Neverland Ranch and she thinks he may be doing that because he now realizes he can never have boys sleep in his bed again. Howard didn’t think anyone would really know what went on there because, as he put it, he has sex with Beth several times a week and the only reason anybody knows about it is because he talks about it on the air. Robin said maybe he was or maybe he wasn’t.

Howard thought Michael might be better off moving to Thailand where things are more relaxed. Howard said there was no way they were going to find Jackson guilty if juries couldn’t convict OJ Simpson or Robert Blake. He said he saw the prosecutor on TV and the guy seemed to be pretty upset that he lost the case. Howard thought the thing that did the most damage to the prosecution was the alleged victim’s mother. He also thought the real phenomenon of the whole thing was the people who have been hanging out in front of the court house — and now in front of Neverland — loudly proclaiming their support for Michael.

They talked about one guy who had quit his job to go to California to support Michael. Howard was afraid that was what happened to Artie. Artie laughed and said he had already packed his doves, (some people released doves as a show of support for Jackson) and McGriddles. Howard also reminded all of us about Artie’s revelation some time ago that he had cried during a Michael Jackson concert. Howard thinks all those people in front Neverland are there in hopes that Michael will open the gates and invite them all in to play. He doubts that will ever happen though.