Richard Christy Crumbles

June 16, 2005

Before entering the isolation booth for the first half of Stump The Perv, Richard asked about Ron’s role in a film called “Fat Liners.” Ron said he had sex with a 300+ pound woman, but thought this might have been easier than the 87-year-old for him.

Ron did say though that despite some of the strange things he has done, he has never once had to take any chemical or herbal aides like Viagra to help him get “ready.” Then Richard locked himself in Robin’s studio so he couldn’t hear Ron’s part of the game. Here are the questions and answers:

1.) This Vivid girl has also performed under the names Sadie Jordan and Brook Thomas. Answer: Tera Patrick

2.) Despite making over 400 adult movies including, “Midnight Librarians” and ”Spring Break Sex Kittens,” which star has never had an onscreen sex scene with a male co-star? Answer: Felicia

3.) Which recent AVN new comer of the year and squirt woman takes her Porn name from the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and music? Answer: Cytheria

4.) Which star of movies such as ”Wanda Whips Wall Street” appeared in the main stream movie ”Boogie Nights” as a judge? Answer: Veronica Heart

5.) Which star of such films as ”Rich Wives Club” was indicted in 2000 for insider trading? Answer: Marilyn Star

6.) Which star of such films as ”Top Notch Bitches” also appeared in an Eminem video and “The Sopranos”? Answer: Gina Lynn

7.) This late bloomer didn’t get her start until 2003 at the age of 37 and has made 75 films so far? Answer: Vikki Vet

Ron got 4 questions right in the full 90 seconds allowed while Richard only got 2 right in the 90 seconds – making Ron the new Stump The Perv World Champion!

Sal came in and asked about one of Ron’s more peculiar talents, the ability to suck his own penis. Ron said this was true, but he rarely does it any more. He told us how the first time he discovered this special ability he was at summer camp and had immediately called his father to find out if it was normal for boys to be able to “kiss themselves down there.”

His father asked if anyone had seen him do it and then told him to wait until he was 18 when girls would do it for him.