Carmen Electra Calls Into the Stern Show

Model and actress phones in from the set of her upcoming movie

June 17, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Carmen Electra called in from the set of the movie she is working on in Toronto. She said she was working on “Cheaper by the Dozen 2,” in which she plays Eugene Levy’s (“American Pie” trilogy) trophy wife. Howard thought it sounded funny. He asked about another project of hers, the Naked Women’s Wrestling League, in which she is an announcer. Howard thought she must be getting paid a lot of money to do something like this — and she said she is, which is why she does it.

Then her phone cut out and when she got back on the line, Howard asked if Carmen has ever had sex with another girl. Carmen claims to have only kissed girls but didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility. Howard didn’t think she was being completely honest, though. Carmen described what she was wearing this morning as sweat pants and a wife-beater tank top with no bra. Howard had her put her limo driver, Dave, on the phone and asked him if Carmen was driving him nuts. He said he can’t look or he’ll crash.

Howard wanted to know if anything ever happened after the last time she and Dave Navarro were on the show and seemed to have hooked up with Savanna Samson. Carmen said Savanna was very cute but, no, nothing happened. Howard let Carmen plug her appearance at a P.Diddy party at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City this weekend.

After her phone cut out and she called back again, Howard asked Artie Lange if he could spend 24 hours with his father (who passed away a few years ago) or have sex with Carmen. Artie picked having sex with Carmen and joked that if he had picked being with his dad, his dad would have yelled at him the whole time for not picking her.