Happy Father’s Day to Fred Norris

King of All Media wishes his longtime colleague a merry day

June 20, 2005

Howard opened today wishing Fred Norris a Happy Father’s Day. He said he actually saw Fred out pushing his daughter in a stroller yesterday while driving his car through the Hamptons, but traffic was so messed up he wasn’t able to stop. Fred doubted it was him and Howard admitted that it was Beth who had seen him. Howard bet that while they were out walking, Fred was probably practicing his soundboard skills with his daughter. All Fred would say is that he got a nice card from her yesterday.

Howard talked about driving around listening to SIRIUS in his car and really enjoying it, but when he tried listening to KROCK he couldn’t get a clear signal, even out as far as Exit 50 on the LIE. Fred said a lot of people out on Long Island listen to WCCC out of Hartford. Gary brought in the coverage maps the sales department uses and Howard was surprised to find the map was correct. Gary said if he goes about 10 miles further north from where he lives in Connecticut he starts losing the signal and Howard said the map shows that to be about right. On caller said he lives out on Long Island by Exit 60 and has to lean out the window in order to get enough signal to hear the show.