Robin’s Blessed Life

June 21, 2005

Robin said she doesn’t regret never having kids but joked her life was “empty and barren”. Howard scoffed and said yeah, Robin looked really upset over it. He said she was living the life with her 17 houses. Howard said whenever someone is thinking of having kids he sends them over to Robin so they can see what a great life she’s living. Speaking Robin’s great life, Robin said her mom came up over the weekend for her once a year visit. She said her mom has a way of pushing her buttons. Robin said that this weekend her mom came up and started going on and on about her huge house. She kept saying that Robin was so blessed to have all of this.

Robin said that immediately set her off. Howard said that would have set him off too but Artie said he didn’t see what the big deal was. Robin explained that her mom saying she was so blessed to have all these things was her way of saying that she didn’t really earn any of it, she just got it. Howard told Artie that after a few more sessions with the shrink he’ll start seeing the world this way too. Robin said that her mom wanted to say grace before dinner and then she all of sudden turned into a Baptist Minister. Robin said she started thanking God for blessing Robin with such a good career and house and all her money and nice things. Howard said it sounded like there was a lot of anger going on there. Robin agreed and said her mom was basically taking inventory of her house and thanking God for it. Robin said she kept going on and on and finally Robin just had to shout “Amen!” to bring an end to it. Robin said her mom also started making a weird wheezing noise when she was inventorying what was in her house during grace, like her internal calculator was having a hard time adding up all of Robin’s expenditures.