Stop or I’ll Hiltonize You

June 21, 2005

Paris and Nikki’s mom, Kathy Hilton, called in to promote her new reality series, “I Want to be a Hilton”, which premiers tonight (June 21) on NBC at 9PM EST. Howard thought there might be a flaw in the premise of the show, though. He thought that the fact that Paris and Nikki were so wild would make people skeptical about taking lessons from Kathy. Kathy, however, staunchly defended her daughters and pointed out the thriving businesses that Paris runs — everything from perfumes to nightclubs.

They talked a little about Paris’ sex tape which Kathy has not seen, but thinks should never have been released. Howard pointed out that it got Paris tons of publicity at just the right time, so maybe Kathy should consider putting one out to help her new show. Kathy thought that was pretty funny. Howard tried to get to the bottom of the apparent feud between Nicole Ritchie and Paris, but Kathy wouldn’t comment. Although she did say that she believes the two will eventually get over this and make up. Howard questioned Kathy about her sex life a little and discovered that she met her husband, Rick Hilton, when she was 15 and he was the first guy she ever slept with.

When Howard asked if Rick was the only guy she had had sex with, Kathy seemed to get very embarrassed, but insisted he was. Howard pressed for more details, but Kathy threatened to “Hiltonize” him if he kept it up. Howard asked a few more sex related questions which brought more “Hiltonizing” threats from Kathy. After she got off the phone, Howard and Artie joked that it might be funny if Kathy tried to “Hiltonize” Mike Tyson or Mighty Joe Young. In the end though, both Howard and Robin thought the show was one they wanted to check out.