The End of the E! Era

June 21, 2005

Howard took a call from Pinocchio Dave, who was supposed to refrain from harassing Howard after losing a beauty pageant to him last year. Dave wanted to know if Howard would be bringing “Bob and Ray” back. Howard said that “Bob and Ray” were kind of controversial and may be the only fictional characters ever fined by the FCC, who didn’t realize they were actually Howard and Robin’s modularized voices. Howard said the dirty duo would definitely make appearances on SIRIUS.

Next up, Howard took a call from regular caller, Bobo who had just heard that the E! show had been cancelled. Howard said he would keep quiet for another week or two, but did say that his contract with E! was up soon. He said he had a great story to tell, but needed to wait a few weeks before he could tell it. E! show Executive Producer, Robin Radzinski, came in to confirm that the last live E! show would be taped on July 1st and the last original E! shows will run the week of July 4th. Howard then tried to take a call from someone named Ricky, but Ricky had been on hold too long and was sound a sleep.