Bong Hit’s Request Line

June 23, 2005

Bong Hit Eric called in to say how funny the Mike Walker prank call was and requested another oldie — “Fartman calls Mrs. Fartman”. So Howard played it for him and Eric could be heard laughing and repeating the lines in the background. This led to a discussion about what Howard had wanted to create in the Fartman movie; Howard said he really wished they had made that movie. The Fartman movie was written by J. F. Laughton who also wrote “Pretty Woman” and “Under Siege” and told the story of a young man who turns into Fartman after being beaten up by a bunch of thugs. He said that, in the movie, the doctors who bring Fartman back to life gave him a bionic sphincter.

Howard said he had everything he needed all lined up to make the movie, but decided not to because it wasn’t the movie he wanted to make for his first film. He said he wrote “Private Parts” and turned that into a movie instead. Howard said he came close to starting a new movie project recently, but couldn’t work out the scheduling with the studio. He said right now he’s focusing on his move to SIRIUS. Bong Hit interrupted to ask if he could play a game — Howard put him on hold.

Before coming back to Eric, Howard read a few emails about how disgusting both the Cabbie Doody and the Sack Man incident were yesterday. Richard came in to say he thought he got one of Sal’s pubic hairs in his eye during the tea-bagging. Artie said he got a voicemail from David Spade yesterday who had heard the show and called Artie to let him know that Sal was a weirdo. Sal claimed that Richard had told him he would probably let another man tongue kiss him for $20,000 — for $2 million he’d go all the way. Sal offered to set up a pay-pal account to accept donations if he was serious. After a break, Howard eventually got back to Bong Hit to let him play the Wendy the Retard game. In this game, Richard reads a word(s) to Wendy and the player has to guess if Wendy can repeat them. Bong Hit had to get 3 out of 5 right to win a $250 gift certificate from

Here were the questions:

  • Cable regulator – Eric said yes, and Wendy didn’t even come close.
  • Despicable – Eric said yes, and he was right.
  • Digital processing system – Eric said no, but Wendy got it right.
  • Eglebert Humperdinck – Eric said yes, but Wendy couldn’t quite get it.
  • Nocturnal Emission – (Howard gave Eric an extra chance) Eric said no, but Wendy had no problem with this one.

Even with the extra chance, Eric missed his opportunity to.