The Triumphant Return of Eric the Actor

Wack Packer breaks his own self-imposed ban

June 24, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Actor broke his week long, self-imposed ban on the show and called in today. Howard said Eric was making himself look pretty weak by constantly banning himself from the show and then calling back in a few weeks later. He played a voicemail Eric left a month ago in which he challenged Howard to go a month straight without being negative to anyone on the air. If Howard failed the challenge, Eric said he’d never call in again.

Howard just laughed listening to the message and said there was absolutely no incentive for him to be “nice” on the air. Howard pointed out that the show has been doing just fine without Eric calling in. Artie told Eric that he is the one who’s negative in his voicemails and maybe he is the one that should change his attitude. Howard wondered if Eric thought this whole “positive rap” he was on was his attempt at impressing girls. Eric said he was just upset that everyone on the set of “American Dreams” — the TV show where Howard got Eric a small part — was very positive when talking about Howard and the show and then Howard turns around and makes jokes at their expense. Howard told Eric that the people on “American Dreams” are positive because they have great, easy jobs featuring a craft service table.