Grill Master Stern

June 27, 2005

Today’s show almost didn’t happen because Howard said he really wanted to take the day off the worst way. With the weather being so nice he just wanted to stay home and enjoy it. Howard explained he had had a big grilling weekend and got to use some new grilling equipment sent to him by grilling guru, Steven Raichlen.

Howard bought Raichlen’s book when he first started grilling and said that Raichlen is the there is on the subject. He either invented or perfected “Beer Can Chicken” plus a host of other grilling techniques.

Raichlen sent Howard some thin, heat resistant grilling mitts that Howard loved and a meat thermometer with a belt clip, among other things. Howard cooked an entire chicken over the weekend using the smoke box on his grill. He said he cleaned the chicken and everything. Robin said she just buys her chicken in individual parts, not the entire thing, so she didn’t know you had to you to clean it. Howard told her that buying chicken in parts is an amateur move.

Howard said he wants to be more self sufficient when it comes to food and the next thing he wants to master is catching and cleaning his own fish. Howard said it was time to be his own man. Richard “Creepy” Christy said he used to do that with his dad in Kansas. They would catch 80 pound catfish and sometimes lived all winter off of catfish and meatloaf.

Richard’s dad would hang the fish skulls on his gate posts as trophies. Howard said Richard’s dad sounded like the Predator.