Howard Takes a Call From Henry Hill

June 28, 2005

Howard took a call from “Goodfellas” inspiration Henry Hill this morning.

Howard had heard that Henry was in outpatient rehab. Henry said that it was true and this was about the 10th such rehab he’d been through. Henry was very difficult to understand this morning, slurring and mumbling all his words to the point that Howard tried to get him to count back from 10 as a test. Henry changed subjects telling Howard about the pasta sauce he is going to start selling called Sunday Gravy.

Henry tried to explain the reason for his slurring was because he had gone for a long swim yesterday and had somehow hurt himself, requiring him to take some pain medication – he just wasn’t sure what medication he was on. Of course, when Henry calls in, Pauly from Brooklyn needs to call in to remind Henry there are those who do not appreciate his time as a witness for the government. Pauly seemed to enjoy the fact that Henry was in pain, even to the point of making fun of him.

Pauly told Howard that he wanted to meet with Henry face to face, “just to tell him what he really thinks of him.” Henry suggested he would be in New York soon so they could meet at the station then. Pauly said it was a date and got off the phone. Gary was amazed by this and said he used to have jump through all kinds of hoops just to get Henry on the phone because he was so protective of his location. Now Gary just calls the restaurant he works at in the Midwest and asks for Henry.

Zolar called in to recall how he had been in Las Vegas with Henry a while back and claims to have seen Henry smoking crack in a limo they were in. Henry said that may have happened, but years ago and he has since cleaned himself up. Zolar said he couldn’t wait to get out of the limo. Henry was really slurring at this point and said the meds must really be kicking in so he put the woman who he was staying with on the phone. Marie told Howard that Henry really was in a lot of pain and he really had swum a long distance yesterday and has been complaining of stomach pains ever since. Howard asked her how long she has known Henry and Marie said 3 weeks. Howard told her to get out, but she said it was her place so he told her to tell Henry to get better and let her go.