June 29, 2005

This morning Artie talked about running into Ant, (the comedian who sat in on the news yesterday), after the show and walking with him for 10 blocks. For most of the time Artie said Ant was playing with his cell phone/email thing that everyone seems to have these days – everyone except him. Howard asked if it looked like his Treo, but Artie said it looked more like a pager so they figured it might be a Blackberry. Robin mentioned that it could have also been a Sidekick which she sees a lot of people use and said it slides open to reveal a keyboard. Robin even thought she had seen people wearing the thing around their neck like a necklace.

Howard said he was learning all about the great things he can do with his phone – although he still hasn’t figured out how to send the pictures he takes with it to other people. He said he heard an ingenious use for the camera phone the other day; if you always forget where you park your car, snap a picture of the parking lot section you are in with the phone, then you look it up when it’s time to leave. Howard said his phone, aside from being able to take pictures and get email, has great coverage, even when Beth’s phone doesn’t.