This Is Stankervision

June 29, 2005

Howard welcomed long time guest, and former Win John’s Job contestant, Yucko the Clown, in to sit in on the news.

Howard played a clip from Yucko’s upcoming MTV2 show called “Stankervision”. In these clips, Yucko heads down to Cancun to insult kids out enjoying spring break.

He calls one girl a babe, and when she thanks him, he tells her that he meant the babe in that movie about the pig who goes to live in the city. Howard laughed because Yucko could really get away with murder while wearing that costume. Yucko agreed, to a point, as he was once beaten up by a crazy woman in New Orleans. Howard asked why MTV2 changed the name of his show from “The Damn Show” to “Stankervision”, but Yucko wasn’t really sure what the reason was.

All he knew was that they were giving him his own show which premieres on July 8th on MTV2, so as far as he was concerned, they could call it whatever they wanted. Howard and Yucko started talking about the Penthouse Pets. Yucko was complaining about what they had to say, but Howard reminded him that when naked girls start talking about going back to their hotel room and fooling around with each other it just doesn’t matter what they sound like.

Artie agreed. Yucko also complained that Tom had edited one of his bits that mentioned the word nipples. He complained that this just wasn’t the show he first visited 4 years ago. Gary came in to say they had also hit the delay on Ginger’s erotic story, despite the fact they had gotten the whole thing cleared by Tom in advance.

Tom came in to defend his actions and got into a shouting match with Yucko. Yucko called Tom all kinds of names and Tom reminded Yucko that he once did a bit in which he said he was pedophile. Yucko yelled at Tom that it was just a BIT and wasn’t real, then he told him to get out of the studio. It was right around this time that Robin started in on her news.