Car Dealer, Yes – Capt. Sack, No

Bobo asks about attendance

June 30, 2005

Frequent caller, Bobo, asked if Sal the Stockbroker had been there last night but, alas, he was not invited. How about Jackie Martling? No, Fred and Jackie haven’t really spoken much since Jackie left the show.

However, the one guy no one expected to be invited, actually was invited and sat right beside Mel Karmazin – the infamous Scott The Engineer.

Howard and Fred’s Porsche dealing buddy, Wayne Siegel, was there but was told he could not bring a date. Gary thought it was really funny that his wife had asked him if Wayne was in the porn industry. Apparently, Mrs. Booey heard him talking about making porn movies last night.

Benjy said he had talked to Wayne about making porn. Robin said Wayne was like Art Carney in the Honeymooners, always looking for crazy ways to make money. She said he once told her about a crazy idea he had to sell people a very unique piece of the Big Apple called “New York Zoo Doo”.

He thought the zoos would love it because it would help them get rid of their waste and people would love it because it could be the next big craze a la pet rocks. Ralph Cirella was also not invited to the party. Gary said the funny thing about that was Ralph had run into Fred and Alison somewhere a few weeks before and had had a nice chat with them.

As a result of the conversation, Ralph assumed he would be getting an invitation, but one never arrived. Richard Christy was not invited either because Alison was afraid the party was getting too big. Sal was moping around saying that apparently the car dealer was more important than the co worker.