Scotty’s Finally the One Getting Beamed Up

Howard reflects on the death of "Star Trek" actor James Doohan

July 21, 2005

Back from a break, Howard talked about the passing of James Doohan. Jim, who played Scotty on “Star Trek”, died yesterday at the age of 85.

Howard read some comments by William Shatner which were very nice, especially considering the widely reported feud between the two men. Howard then played a clip of comments by fellow Treker and “Sulu Dance” performer, George Takei, talking about Doohan. In one, George calls him a “consummate actor,” although he pronounced it “con-summit” which led the guys to goof on Takei for a while. Howard asked Gary what he knew about the feud between Shatner and Doohan and Gary said he thought it had to do with Shatner’s refusal to be involved with Star Trek conventions and other things the cast had done.

Gary re-read the notes from Doohan’s one visit to the show and said there seemed to be several things that angered Doohan about Shatner. Tom Chiusano came in to defend Takei’s pronunciation of consummate, saying he found online that there were indeed two ways to say the word. This caused Mike Walker of “The National Enquirer” to call in a day early to argue there was really only one way to say the word — the way everyone says it, “con-su-mat.” Gary and Tom both thought that didn’t really mean Takei was wrong though. Before he hung up, Walker said something in Japanese, saying that George would understand. After he hung up, Howard played both the Mike Walker sound board prank calls and the Mike Walker Chicken Dance song. The guys talked about Sulu and Scottie for a little while more before taking a break.