Postpartum Defense

July 26, 2005

One third of Wilson Phillips, Carnie Wilson, called in today to defend herself over some of the things Howard said yesterday about postpartum depression. In case you missed it, Howard said he didn’t really think postpartum depression was caused by a chemical imbalance; rather it was most likely caused by new mothers not being prepared for the rigors of motherhood. Carnie said she suffered postpartum depression and didn’t think Howard should be making comments like this. Howard thought being a rock star, and the kid of rock stars, may not have adequately prepared her for the difficulties of parenthood. Carnie said this was not the case though, pointing out that she worked hard to earn all her own money, (except for a $100,000 loan from her mother that she paid back). Howard asked how much weight Carnie gained during the pregnancy and seemed surprised to hear it was about 70 pounds. However, Carnie said that isn’t that high and she has since lost 40 pounds and is working on the other 30. After taking a few calls and talking to Carnie a little longer, Howard let her go, saying what a great woman Carnie is.