Bob Saget Talks Dirty Work During Stern Show Visit

"Full House" star tells all in his sit down with Howard

July 27, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After the break, Howard brought actor and comedian Bob Saget into the studio.

Bob had been waiting in the Green Room for a long time this morning and the first thing he wanted to know when he got to the studio was how Artie Lange was doing. Artie said he was fine and told how Bob had called him before they started working on “Dirty Work” to make sure he wouldn’t melt down during production and to make sure he didn’t try to bring any drugs over the border into Canada.

Howard said Artie had been fine for the last four years but now all of a sudden he’s going nuts. He said Artie had told him he really wanted “Everybody Loves Raymond” money and Bob told him that he had gotten lucky with “Full House,” but most sitcoms aren’t so lucky.