July 27, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard explained to Artie how he needed to learn how to set limits for himself. Howard said he was barraged with 5000 offers every day and has learned to say no. He explained how he was offered a part in a movie that was the perfect role for him — something he had always wanted to do, which could possibly win him an Academy Award.

He said he told the director that he could do it as long as they shot his scenes between September and October, which the director agreed to. Howard said he was all set to do both the radio show and the movie when the director came back and said they needed to shoot Howard’s scenes in October and November. That’s when Howard had to make the difficult decision to back out.

Artie said that was Howard and not Artie. He said his professional life has been great for 10 years, but his personal life was a mess.

Robin wondered if Artie’s personal life would get any better if he moved to LA, but Artie knew that wouldn’t happen. He did want to know what Howard thought about him leaving the SIRIUS show after only a few months to do a sitcom.

Howard told him to do what he wants to do. He said he took a long time picking the right person to sit in that seat, but if Artie wanted to do the sitcom he should and shouldn’t ever worry about losing his friendship with Howard. Howard told Artie the story of Jay Thomas, who left a very successful radio career for a part on “Mork and Mindy”, only to have the sitcom canceled the next season. This was years ago and his radio career is just now starting to get back on track.

Artie did say the only really successful things in his life were this show and his DVD, but he wondered if he had done the right thing passing on the handful of opportunities that have come up over the past year. Artie said Howard was the most important person in his life and

Howard reminded him that he would always be Artie’s friend, no matter what. Howard took a bunch of calls, like the one from a guy who said that this conversation had been the most real radio he had ever heard and loved Artie on the show.