Aniston, Steroids and Sex With Teachers

August 2, 2005

• Howard discussed an article in today’s “New York Post” about Jennifer Aniston. The first thing Howard noticed about the story was the picture of Jennifer. Howard said she was wearing a men’s white tailored shirt, black stockings and black panties. He thought she was obviously trying to look like Angelina Jolie. Throughout the article she talked about how insensitive Brad Pitt was to her at the end of their marriage. But she also said how she’ll always love him and what a great guy he is. Robin wanted to know which story Jennifer really felt. Howard thought that if Jennifer smiled once in a while Brad wouldn’t have left. He also hailed Brad for screwing up her storybook life. If he had to make the choice between Jennifer and Angelina, Howard said he’d take Angelina in a second.

• Howard then brought up the controversy surrounding Rafael Palmeiro, the Baltimore Orioles’ player who was suspended yesterday for 10 games for taking steroids. In March, Rafael testified in front of Congress that he had never taken the drug, even though Jose Canseco wrote in his book, “Juiced,” that he personally injected Palmeiro with steroids. Howard played a clip of Rafael now saying he doesn’t know how the steroids got in his system. Artie thought those comments made him look stupid.

• Howard also talked about Sandra Geisel, the teacher accused of having group sex with teenaged boys. Howard thought Sandra looked 22 even though she’s actually 42, and that she looked like Kim Basinger. He said he got excited when he read the story because these boys were taking turns having sex with her right in front of each other. At first glance Artie said she didn’t look too hot, but he admitted she looked better up close. He thought the last teacher involved in such a scandal still looked hotter. Robin reported the woman’s son spotted one of the boys in their house, and Sandra still had sex with him. Howard said this kind of behavior’s been going on forever. He was upset that when he was young none of his teachers ever made a move on him.