Coming to a Television Near You

August 3, 2005

The major announcement Howard had today was about televising his satellite radio show. Fearing increased government scrutiny of cable TV, the head of the E! Network had decided not to renew Howard’s E! Show, despite the fact that it accounted for the four highest-rated programs on the station.

Howard received calls from several networks wanting to air his show, but he could tell everyone was nervous. Eventually he was approached by iN DEMAND, and was offered a deal he couldn’t pass up.

Although not all the details are set, Howard’s new show will feature the best parts of each day’s satellite radio program which, for a small fee, could be watched anytime through the service. Best of all, nothing on the show will be edited or censored. Howard said this was the most important thing for him, because he doesn’t want to deal with censorship anymore. Since more than 20 million people already have On Demand, Howard felt it was the future of television. He added that just like his satellite show he decided to take his television program underground to start a new revolution.

Howard said that, besides parts of each day’s SIRIUS program, there will also be behind-the-scenes cameras that will allow viewers to see what goes on in all aspects of the show. He admitted that ideally he would’ve liked to still air his show on regular television, but because of the restrictions and threats of fines networks now face, doing so would’ve been impossible.

Captain Janks called in to ask how long the show would be. Howard said the plan now is to take only the best parts of the satellite show and air them, so one day it could be 30 minutes and the next day 90 minutes. A few people called in accusing Howard of only being after money. Howard said that like everyone else he does like to make money, but there was no other way for him to do the show he wants to do without moving to this medium. Some other callers wanted to know how people who can’t pay for SIRIUS and On Demand are supposed to listen to the show. Howard thought about that but because of government regulations, exploring other media was his only option. The King of All Blacks called and said if people can’t afford $10 a month for satellite and if they can’t get cable then they have no reason to be living. Bobo and Jessica Hahn also called to congratulate Howard on the news.