Wake-Up Time

August 10, 2005

Howard started off the show saying he could almost like his job if he didn’t have to get up so early. Artie said getting up early blows, and there’s nothing else to it. Robin commented that she sometimes looks at her clock in the mornings and is convinced the time is wrong. Howard said that yesterday he got to go home at 2 p.m., but there was construction being done on one of his neighbor’s apartments which was driving him nuts. He added he likes living in his apartment until other people make noise.

Robin said Howard’s neighbors were probably bothered by him when he renovated his apartment, but he claimed there was no one above him or under him at the time, so it didn’t disturb anyone. Robin said in the summer she hears construction whenever she steps outside her house. Howard pointed out that Robin owns half of her neighborhood, so the construction is probably always being done to her property and she just doesn’t realize it.