Charlie Murphy Is an Open Book

August 11, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Charlie Murphy came into the studio to talk about what’s been going on with him. Howard asked Charlie, who was a cast member and writer on “Chappelle’s Show” before it stopped airing, if he was mad at Dave Chappelle for bailing out on the show. Charlie said he’s not upset with Dave at all. He added that although Dave has helped his career in comedy, he’s performing to sold-out audiences because of his own talent, not because he was on the show. Charlie mentioned that he talked to Dave two weeks ago, but that they didn’t discuss Dave’s personal situation. Howard’s theory is that Dave wasn’t built for success, and that’s what caused him to break down. He added Dave should’ve just done the show and had some fun with it and without worrying if it was living up to expectations.

Charlie revealed that eight of the third season’s 12 shows were completed. He said he was sure something would be done with them, although he didn’t know if the episodes would air on Comedy Central or be released straight to DVD. Charlie claimed that the first two seasons of “Chappelle’s Show” are the best-selling television series ever released on DVD, and that he sees some of that money. He added that everyone who has seen the shows they’ve finished so far thought they were hilarious. Charlie also said, as far as he could tell, there was no interference from anyone at Comedy Central in regard to their creation.

Gang-Bangers Need to Swim

Charlie talked about growing up in Roosevelt, and Howard thought they probably had some of the same teachers, since that’s where Howard grew up as well. Charlie asked Howard if he remembered the swimming pool at the high school, but Howard didn’t. Charlie also recalled that one of the Roosevelt schools had a planetarium in it, but that eventually other schools stopped showing up to use it because of how dangerous the area was. In fact, Charlie said he’s afraid to visit his old neighborhood now because of all the gangs that hang out there. Artie said that if the high school would reopen its pool, maybe that would keep kids from joining gangs. Charlie said he thought they had filled the pool with concrete though.

Brother Eddie

Howard brought up Eddie Murphy, Charlie’s brother, and asked about his impending divorce. Charlie said he feels bad for Eddie and his wife, Nicole, but that he’s most concerned about their children. Howard asked Charlie if he thought Eddie would reopen Bubble Hill now that he’s single. Charlie said he didn’t think he would because there’s nothing worse than being “the middle-aged man at the party.” Howard told him that he was that guy after he got divorced, and that he liked it. Howard wanted to know if Charlie’s wife was worried about him hanging around Eddie now that he’s single. He said she wasn’t though because there was no way he would do anything to mess up what he has. He mentioned that one of the problems Eddie and Nicole had was that she wanted to go out while he preferred staying in. Charlie understood his brother’s stance, because when you have a hot wife and you go out dancing, one of two things is going to happen: either you have to sit there and watch guys hit on your wife all night, or you stand up for her and get your ass beat. Because of this, Charlie said he and his wife rarely go out, although sometimes she makes him prove his point.

It’s Good to Be King

King of all Blacks called in to comment on how hot Charlie’s wife is. King said she has a Beyonce look to her, and that she has “white features”. Charlie wasn’t sure what King meant by that, but he assured him it was a compliment. He added that once you get a little money, you shouldn’t have to date women with broad noses. King then talked about how he’s had work done to his nose, and that when he went in for his initial consultation, he made the surgeon show him a book of white noses, not black ones.