September 6, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When 50 Cent came into the studio, Howard noticed that he wasn’t surrounded by the G-Unit the way he usually was. Howard wondered if it was because they refused to turn over their guns to Ronnie. Fitty assured Howard that that had nothing to do with it, they were actually still in their hotel rooms sleeping. Howard asked 50 about why he couldn’t come on the show when he was scheduled last month.

Fifty explained that after one of his concerts at Madison Square Garden, one of his SUVs got pulled over, and one of its occupants was found to be carrying a gun illegally. Therefore, 50 had to get his friend out of jail, which was why he couldn’t come in. Howard commented that what the police don’t seem to understand is that someone like 50 and his entourage have to arm themselves given that Fitty has been shot 9 times.

Don’t Mess With Fitty

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up that 50 seems to be in wars with a number of people. For starters, Fitty is currently feuding with The Game, a rapper who was upset that 50 and Dr. Dre were the ones who wrote all of his hits. Fifty also took issue with something Fat Joe said at the Video Music Awards late last month. During his speech, Fat Joe jokingly thanked Fitty for making him feel safe because of all the extra security guards and police officers who were in the building because of him. In response, 50 called Fat Joe a pussy and challenged him to a fight. Howard asked him if he’d be willing to broadcast the bout on pay-per-view, and Fitty said he would. Despite his troubles with other rappers, Fifty did say that a report claiming he was mad at the newly named Diddy for trying to rip off his name (get it? Fitty/Diddy) was false.

50 Equals $100 Million

Fifty just released a book, “From Pieces to Weight,” which chronicles his life as a crack dealer as well as when he was shot nine times. Fifty revealed that when he was dealing it was common for people in the trade to make more than $100,000 a year. He admitted, though, that selling crack turned him off of the lifestyle, and that he doesn’t drink or do drugs. Book is on the best seller’s list.

In addition, 50 has a movie set to open Nov. 9. Fitty said his acting will exceed everyone’s expectation of him. Howard noted that he likes how 50 is still angry even though he has had so much success. Howard guessed 50’s net worth to be about $30 million, but Fifty claimed it is more than $100 million. Since he owns his own publishing rights and doesn’t get hassled by people, Howard understood the figure. Howard asked 50 if his accountant is white. He responded that he is, adding that his team of attorneys is known as “The Jew Unit.”

Words From the King

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

King of All Blacks called in and asked 50 what he thought of Diddy’s performance as host of the VMAs. Fifty said Diddy was doing his thing, but that such a role should probably be reserved in the future for comedians. King noted that Diddy was acting like it was 1997 when he was hot. Fifty asked King if that meant he thought Diddy’s career was over. King pointed out that Diddy still has a ton of money, but that when he sees his clothing line, Sean John, in Target and big-and-tall shops, that pretty much means his career is through.