Bushwacked Again

September 7, 2005

Howard was saddened by all the coverage of the hurricane victims on TV lately, particularly Oprah’s show yesterday. Howard said he’s going to now dip into his wallet to help the victims. He said he’s like President Bush because he too had a delayed reaction to the tragedy. He didn’t think it was as big as it was until he saw it on Oprah. Howard said it broke his heart to see images of a dog swimming for his life, just knowing he wouldn’t make it really drove it home for him. Also touching to Howard was that Oprah showed such real video, of dead bodies in all their unfortunate tragedy.

Howard commented on how The President’s mother, Barbara Bush, allegedly made some poorly thought out comments about the hurricane victims. Apparently she said that many of the people who were confined to the Astrodome were underprivileged anyway, so they were doing relatively well. Howard said it was comforting, though, to see all the celebrities going down to help, even though it looked like some of them were doing it for the publicity. Tom Chiusano reminded everybody that one of the best ways to donate any form of help was to donate to The Red Cross.