Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale…

September 7, 2005

Howard played a tribute to Bob Denver, who played Gilligan on the 60’s TV show “Gilligan’s Island,” who passed away yesterday from cancer.

Howard said he was a true friend of the show and told the story of the skit they all wrote for the Channel 9 show that was a re-make of Gilligan’s Island, in which Howard appeared in drag as Ginger, the movie star. Howard said during the skit he tried to smoke a tampon with Bob who he thought would walk off the set at that point, but he was such a good sport and a nice guy that he just played along.

Howard said they would never tell their guests what they were going to do in their sketches, so they’d sit around writing it wondering at what point the guest would give up and just walk off. Gary said he felt bad for Bob because for most of his life, he was known only as Gilligan, always appearing in the white hat and red shirt, and never got any residual checks from the syndication deals. Apparently, Gilligan’s Island only ran for a few years, but it’s still on TV daily. You will be missed, Little Buddy.