What Religion Is ‘The Donald’?

September 8, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he was having a discussion with some of his friends yesterday about Donald Trump, and that one of them claimed Donald is Jewish. Howard couldn’t believe the theory at first, but the more he heard his friend talk, the more he started believing in his theory. Although he had no proof, Howard’s friend thought Donald’s surname was made up, seeing as there are no Trumps in Forest Hills, where Donald was born.

Throughout the discussion, Robin remained adamant that Donald is not Jewish. After conducting some research, Gary discovered that the Trump name goes back three generations to 1829. Further, Donald’s great-grandfather was named Christian, while his father’s middle name was Christ. Howard said that he thought he had some breaking news to report about Donald, and admitted that this may have caused him to get caught up in the moment.