A Little Fun

September 14, 2005

Last month, Howard was able to get Eric the Midget backstage at an “American Idol” concert he attended. Among all the singers Eric met, his favorite was Carrie Underwood, on whom Eric has a major crush. Further, Eric gave Carrie a demo during their meeting of a 12-year-old singer named Brianna, in the hopes that Carrie could somehow get her a record deal. With that as the setup, Howard played a phony phone call they made to Eric with his assistant, Annemarie pretending to be Carrie. During the long call, “Carrie” convinced Eric to do and say a lot of crazy things and he never once hesitated.

Neither Howard nor Gary could believe that Eric fell for the call. Robin thought it was great, but Artie claimed it was a little too evil even for him. To get back at Sal, who came up with the idea for the prank, Eric left a message on his voicemail in which he attempted to roast him. Surprisingly, no one felt Eric’s insults were that good.