All for a Buck

September 19, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stump the Perv

Howard welcomed Chad to the show for the latest installment of “Stump the Perv.” According to the rules, resident perv Richard Christy and contestants who think they know their porn are given seven questions about the subject. Whoever answers more of the questions correctly is then crowned the biggest perv.

Chad told Howard that he has been working in an adult bookstore for years. He revealed that the first job he had at the store was to clean the booths after men watched porn in them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Chad mentioned that he once found a wet banana that he needed to remove from one of the booths, as well as a “dirty,” broken broom handle. He added that there is now someone under him at the store who is responsible for cleaning those areas.

It’s Not All Bad

Despite the initial setbacks he encountered with having to clean the booths, Chad pointed out that there are two big benefits that come with working in the front of the store. The first is that hot, college girls often come in to buy adult products, while the second is that he gets to sometimes have sex with the customers.Chad explained that every once in a while a couple will proposition him to have sex with the female. He said that he always refuses the requests when they’re first made, but becomes more open to the idea if the couples come back. Howard wanted to know if the women were attractive, and Chad responded that some are and some aren’t. He also said that he has standards when it comes to the females, so he won’t do it with just anybody.

Dirty Questions

Howard asked Chad and Richard the following questions:(1) What star of “Butt Faced” and “Face Down Ass Up 2” was briefly married to porn legend Peter North from 1998 to 2000? Chad didn’t have a guess while Richard was correct with Jewel De Nyle.(2) What former dental assistant was the star of “Face Jam” and “Real Swift” has worked under the name “China Cat”? Both contestants said Stefanie Swift, which was right.(3) This December 2001 “Penthouse Pet” and star of “Nymph Fever” chose her name based on her American Indian heritage. Neither Chad nor Richard was able to come up with the correct answer, which was Cheyenne Silver.(4) This star of “Hawaiian Blast” and “Bad Girls 10” has also been featured as a dancer on “Soul Train.” Chad couldn’t come with an answer, but Richard was right when he guessed Heather Hunter.(5) What star of “Bordello Blues” and “Baby Doll Lesbian Orgies” was “Penthouse Pet” in October 1999? Chad and Richard both drew blanks. The right answer was Devin Lane.(6) What half-Jewish, half-Mexican Vivid girl and star of “Booty Dooty” was born Stacy Bernstein? Chad had no answer while Richard correctly said Raylene.(7) What Mississippi-born beauty and star of “The Fashionistas” and “Unnatural Sex 7” was featured on Diane Sawyer’s “Young Girls: Porn and Profit” segment? Both contestants were right when they guessed Belladonna.

Still the King

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With the final score of 5-2, Richard retained his crown as the biggest perv on the show. He added that he has been watching more porn than usual as of late, although he still doesn’t pleasure himself during the work week. When Howard told Chad he still wanted to give him a consolation prize, Richard noted that working in an adult bookstore should be prize enough.