Some More Help for the Animals of this World

Shane Barbi and Jennifer Pryor call in to discuss the charity efforts their making for the people and animals effected by Hurricane Katrina

September 21, 2005

Howard took a call from Shane Barbi and Richard Pryor’s wife, Jennifer, about the work they’re doing to rescue animals affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Shane reported that the military on the scene is doing all it can to help save the cats and dogs, but that the president refuses to give them permission to execute a full-fledged rescue effort for the animals. She added that the Humane Society of the United States has raised more than $12 million for the cause, but that it is squandering the money. In addition, Shane claimed the organization is blocking grassroots efforts to assist with the situation.

Jennifer mentioned that what animal organizations, like the North Shore Animal League, need most is manpower to help rescue the animals. She recommended anyone who wants more information on how to help visit