Stand up for Yourself

September 21, 2005

Howard brought up that Simon Wiesenthal, a Nazi concentration camp survivor who spent the remaining years of his life hunting down Nazi war criminals, died last week. Howard commented that even though he saw millions of people around him get murdered, Simon never gave up hope of surviving. Howard thought Simon’s life should inspire people to seek retribution from their oppressors, regardless of who they are, and to never look at themselves as victims.

Howard added that although his situation with the FCC and the religious right is not comparable to what Simon went through, the principle of it is the same. He said that he has taken shots from various groups for years, but that, through it all, he is still set to embark on the biggest step his career has ever taken. Howard insisted that if everything goes as planned when he gets to SIRIUS, companies like Clear Channel will be worth nothing, and that he will have the last laugh against people and groups who’ve tried to keep him down his entire career.