Howard’s Excited for His Move to Satellite

Also, King of All Media makes Vanity Fair's coveted "10 People to Watch" list

September 26, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While George was in the studio, his manager was in the green room talking to Gary about the fact that Howard had been named one of Vanity Fair’s “10 People to Watch” for the upcoming year.

Howard mentioned that although he doesn’t put much stock in lists, he agrees that both his move to SIRIUS and his Douche channels will be huge.

In fact, Howard said he was so excited with everything he’s been working on for his move to satellite that he called his agent, Don Buchwald, early Sunday morning to tell him about it. Howard commented that he talked for 20 minutes straight without Don saying a word. After he was done, Don informed Howard that he had to go. Howard then mentioned that Don and his wife had just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary the night before, so it may not have been the best time for him to make the call.