The Intricacies of Tull

September 28, 2005

Fred started the show this morning playing “Hymn 43,” by Jethro Tull. Howard mentioned that, although it is easy to make fun of Tull, they’re actually a pretty good band. Robin added that when you listen carefully, you realize how intricate their music is. Howard remembered seeing the group live when he was growing up and how freaky lead singer Ian Anderson seemed. Howard recalled that, not only did Ian dress like he was homeless, but the way he played his flute onstage was really something. Robin commented that Ian smelled horrible when he visited the show when they were in London a few years ago and that she’ll never forget the stink. Gary told Robin that Ian was working as a salmon farmer at the time, which was the reason for the odor. Gary said that he felt badly for Ian after he came on the show once in New York, because as he was leaving he told Gary in a sad voice that he had to “go dress up like Jethro Tull now.”