Back for Love

September 29, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard had a woman named Jessie in who was hoping to be reunited with one of her former flames she couldn’t locate. When Howard told Jessie she looked familiar, she responded that she had been on the show before as “The Idiot in Times Square” in 2000.

Howard then pointed out that Jessie had an awesome body. After taking off her clothes and revealing that she weighed 105 pounds while being 5’9″, Jessie asked Howard if he thought she was too skinny. Howard informed her that she looked perfect to him, but Artie admitted that she could stand to gain a few pounds.

The Painful Story

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jessie explained to Howard that she knew Jim, the guy for whom she was now searching, for nine months back in 1999, but that she let him walk out of her life. However, after years of dealing with the loss, she now wants him back. She said that the major obstacle she is facing in her hunt, though, is that, even though she had sex with him once and talked to him all the time, Jessie has forgotten Jim’s last name. Howard asked Jessie when during the nine months they were together that she and Jim had sex. She told him that she knew Jim for four months before they became intimate, and that he didn’t request a subsequent physical encounter with her during the next five months of their quasi-relationship. She also informed Howard that Jim moved to Texas after this time, and that she hasn’t heard from him since.

An Easy Answer

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard advised Jessie to move on with her life, because it was clear to him that Jim was a married man the entire time he was talking to her. Although she admitted that may have been the case, Jessie didn’t know that it was a fact. Gary suggested that Jim had to have been married, though, because there would have been no other reason why he didn’t want to have sex with her again. Jessie told Gary that a contributing factor to her lack of sex with Jim was that she wasn’t into frivolous physical relationships, so it wasn’t as though Jim was refusing her offers.