Watching Men Play

September 29, 2005

Howard announced that there are only 49 shows remaining before his move to SIRIUS. Artie pointed out that even though the switch is still some time away, at least they’re talking in terms of days now, and not months. Howard noted that Artie’s observation was very astute. Artie responded that he was feeling particularly good this morning because of the Yankees’ win last night.

Artie explained that the game has pushed the Yanks one game ahead of the Red Sox, who lost last night, in the standings, with the final three games of the season set to take place in Boston this weekend. Howard mentioned that he missed the game because he was busy watching “The Surreal Life” and “My Fair Brady.” Howard said he should start hanging out with Artie so he can turn into more of a man. Artie pointed out that it is odd that he is considered a man’s man when all he does is watch guys in tight uniforms running around. After hearing this, Robin wondered if baseball has a large gay following. Artie insisted that it doesn’t, and Howard agreed, adding that if it did, Artie wouldn’t follow it.