Can Ronnie Mund Keep Howard Safe??

Staff discusses the limo driver and security guard's physical skills

October 3, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As he was scolding Gary Dell’Abate, Howard wondered if Baba could beat him up if Howard pushed him over the edge.

Robin Quivers pointed out that since Ronnie Mund is never around, Howard would probably have to fend for himself if that situation ever arose.

Howard then admitted that he wasn’t sure Ronnie could even take Gary if he came after Howard.

Artie Lange mentioned that security guards should be able to stop fights before they even start just with their looks, and he wasn’t sure Ronnie possessed that kind of intimidation. Gary commented that, although he loves Ronnie, he has never felt that they would be safe if someone really went berserk on the show.

Show ‘Em What You Got

When Howard asked Ronnie to come into the studio so he could ask him about his bodyguard qualifications, Ronnie informed Howard that he had nothing to say to him. Howard insisted that all he wanted to know was if Ronnie had any credentials in the area, but Ronnie refused to answer.

Howard noted that Ronnie gets mad whenever he brings up this topic because Ronnie wants to have skills, although, deep down, he realizes he doesn’t. Ronnie eventually claimed that he trains in his backyard, and that he has a vast knowledge of weaponry. Robin commented that it seemed like the only thing Ronnie possessed was a bad attitude.

To Serve and Protect

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

During their conversation, Howard once again asked Ronnie why he was so fond of his skin-tight shirts. Howard added that the look wasn’t a good one for Ronnie because of his love handles. Ronnie commented that his style sense had nothing to do with his ability to protect Howard. Ronnie went out to say that when there was a recent situation in the hallway, he handled the situation without a problem. Howard assured Ronnie that he had no intention of letting him go, but was just wondering if he should look into getting additional help. Ronnie swore to Howard that if anyone ever tried to get to him, Ronnie would protect him even if it meant he had to die in the process. Howard pointed out that wasn’t a very reassuring plan for him, seeing as if that happened, Howard would be left to protect himself.

The Short Side of Protection

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard took some calls from listeners looking to become his new body guard, and all of them said they were more than six feet tall. Howard then asked Ronnie how tall he was. Ronnie claimed he was 5’8″, but Robin said that measurement must’ve been taken while Ronnie was wearing lifts. Because Ronnie was getting so upset, Gary wondered who would take him down if he lost it. Howard informed Gary he was pretty sure he could do the job himself if it came to that.

Flexing His Muscle

After Ronnie promised Howard that he didn’t need an assistant, Robin asked Ronnie to take down Gary just so he could show off his moves. However, Ronnie pointed out to her that that kind of thing wasn’t a game to him, so he wouldn’t do it. He did say, though, that he would have no problem bringing down Jason Kaplan, who was busy taking pictures of Ronnie during his meltdown.

Despite Ronnie’s demand that Jason leave the studio, Jason told him he’d leave when he was ready. Howard then instructed Ronnie to go back into the hall. After everyone cooled down, Gary commented that he was honored to be the example Howard used as the low marking point for kicking ass.