The Pressure of E-Mails

October 5, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that he received a t-shirt in the mail that had his name on it, as well as a cartoon picture of Sal on the back. Howard said he didn’t know where the shirt came from, and, more importantly, why his name was on it. Sal came into the studio and explained to Howard that the guy who made the shirt kept e-mailing him asking to use Sal’s image for the shirt, and finally he broke down and told the guy to do whatever he wanted. However, Sal insisted he was unaware the shirt maker’s intention to use Howard’s name.

Howard pointed out that Sal liked having his face on the t-shirt and that was why he gave the guy permission to use it. He also commented that, if the guy was really bothering him, all Sal had to do was erase his e-mails and the problem would’ve been solved. Sal responded that, because he only has four fans, and since this guy was one of them, he needed to be as polite to him as possible.

Howard also noted that Sal didn’t even ask the guy about the design of the shirt or the Web site he was promoting. Howard informed Sal that he didn’t like any of his excuses and demanded that he leave the studio.