The Excuses Keep Coming

October 6, 2005

Howard noted that the people at SIRIUS come up with the worst excuses in order to get their way. To illustrate his point, Howard recalled that, when the channels were launched last week, he was told by the heads of the company that he needed to put something on the air because not doing so would be bad press, the engineers claimed he couldn’t have a blank signal and people would cancel their subscriptions because they would think his channels weren’t working.

Gary added that on Friday when Howard wanted his channels’ scrolls to say things about Tom, SIRIUS execs told Gary they’d have to first check with their legal department before they could do anything. However, after being told on Monday by the people at SIRIUS that they couldn’t get in touch with their lawyers, Gary mentioned that he still hasn’t heard back from them.

Artie said he loved the idea of the heads of SIRIUS sitting in a boardroom brainstorming the things they wanted to tell Howard.

More of the Same

Howard brought up an article he read on about Kevin Martin, the new FCC chairman. According to the story, Kevin said that, now that the controversies surrounding the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort and the Supreme Court appointees are moving to the backburner, he is looking forward to enforcing the agency’s indecency standards. Howard pointed out that Kevin sounded even worse than his predecessor, Michael Powell. Robin couldn’t understand how someone’s life ambition could be to sue people for allegedly being indecent, but it sounded like that was exactly what Kevin was out to do. Howard pointed out that the longer he has to stay on the air, the more likely he’ll make Kevin popular, seeing as Howard will probably be Kevin’s prime target. Howard then announced that the excitement of Howard 100 going on the air was too much for him to handle, so he took a break in order to listen to it.